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The management team was very great, friendly and just all around fun to be around and work with. The hardest part of the job would've been unloading the weekly inventory truck in weather. The most enjoyable part about the job was working with my co-workers, they were fun to be around and work around, lots of conversations happened and it kept time going by fast.

Productive simple workplace with good employees. Productive simple workplace once you get used to it. Friendly sociable environment.

Where I worked good employees. Good place for work experience and good place to learn new skills. Doesn't feel like work. Work is very easy going!

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As long as you get your job done there isn't a problem. It's a very enjoyable job due to the fact that you go in everyday getting to see new products where you get to try them so you basically get to try new things everyday while getting paid. Fine as a First Job. Job is fine for a teenagers first job but other than that it is a poor workspace.

Fun and very friendly co-workers. Co-workers help you out with duties, very respectful and greet each other at beginning of shifts. Co-workers are very good at training you if you are new to the job. Just No. Just an awful company to work for. A typical day of work there is sexism at work. A great first job. A great starting job, it teaches you basic discipline and understanding of how a job works, and gives you a lot of flexibility with your schedule.

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As a first job, it's the perfect opportunity to get some experience in. Good, but not great. I worked at bulk barn for a year. I was cross trained on both cash and stock. For stock, it was a rather fun experience. You got to work in the back room with a small team of people that youd easily consider your friends. Cash however is a different story.

If you take too long to find a code for a product, the customer and managment will get irritated. Keep in mind there are hundreds of codes all written in tiny font on a scroll. I was yelled at by the manager infront of customers for messing up a single code. If you have a very good memory and can deal with annoying customers and managment, this is the job for you. Great Customers. Repeat customers makes it a family atmosphere Great selection of items Owner is great and personable Small team but we work together Enjoy helping people find new recipes.

Fun outgoing manager. Make sure stock is full and up to date , handle cash and customers. Gave me good balance when I was in school and attending extracurricular activities.

Good Environment. Fellow employees are nice and friendly. Management is pretty friendly as well. The job involves a lot of cleaning due to exposed food. Inventory is filled on a daily basis.

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Very relaxing work pace when not busy during the week. Most customers are friendly as well due to it mostly being a family kind of store. Close to a groshery store but not. The store is relatively small so it's not hard to remember where things are.

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